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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Final Stretch for Not Bad

Greetings from Rangelely, Maine! I am sitting here at the public library waiting for TRACIE to arrive so that she can come out and hike with me for a few days. We are jumping up trail just a little bit though so that we can do a little easier of a section, and then when we part ways I'll only have 150 miles left to go!! But before all that excitement, I'll update y'all on what's been going on the last few weeks!

I am still hiking with Klarity, and her and I plan to summit the last mountain together. Since my last blog post I have made it through not only Vermont but also New Hampshire!! In New Hampshire I defeated the White Mountains and had some great hut experiences!
(Here's a shot of me on top of Mt. Moosilauke...first big peak in the White Mountains!)

(This is a shot atop South Kinsman...serious hand over feet climbing!! The Whites were tough!)
(And here's the Big One Folks!! Mt. Washington!! The second highest peak on the Appalachian Trail!! The morning was windy and foggy and the afternoon cleared up beautifully!!)

After clearing through the Whites, Klarity and I took a small road trip with some friends who have cars out on the AT...we spent the evening with a shower and a hotel room and celebrated the end of the Whites. It was a hard week, but we did it and we are on route to make it to the big mama: Katahdin!!

After New Hampshire, and all the rest of the 13 states, is the last and final one: MAINE...we are excited to be here and am really excited to see new and old friends while bumping up ahead.

(Here's the money shot!! Finally made it to our last state line!!)

So only a little ways to go and I'm so excited!! If ANYONE wants to send chocolate, nuts, candy, cards, etc. to me before I get off trail, here's a great address to do it at!!
Hold for AT Thru-Hiker
Malorie Irvin
Monson, ME PO 04464
ETA: Sept. 7, 2010


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  1. Hi Mal, Tracie and Klarity! It looks like you are having fun and the long awaited end is near. Let me know what trail name Tracie is given. I can't imagine the beautiful area you are in. Enjoy and have a ball. Take care girls and see you in a couple of weeks! XOXOX