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Monday, August 9, 2010

3 States to GO!!!!

Hey there Everyone!!
Little update from NotBad here. Got into Bennington, VA last night and got a place to stay with a nice couple wanting to help me out. I am headed back on the trail today with the plans to be in Maine the first weekend of September-then hoping to be done around September 17 (that would be exactly 6 months for me). Duchess has jumped up the trail and her finish date is around September 9...unfortunately we will not be summiting together, but we are hiking our own hike and have plenty of stories to tell to one another when we get back home to good 'ol Indiana.

So what's new with me? Well, last week I was hiking and ran into some great rock climbers from Rhode Island...they invited me to climb and of course I took the offer!!
(This picture is of me starting my was a hard one but I had a great leader belaying me up the rockface!!)

After that I called up some friends and they were invited to some trail angel's house for ice cream, showers, laundry & they even gave them the car to come and pick me up!! After staying the night my buddy Ice's father picked 3 of us thru-hikers up to spend the weekend with his family in Old Lyme, Connecticut. We were there from Friday 'til Tuesday and had a great time with his friends and family.
(Silly picture of me, Griz & Ice at the Old Lyme firework show that his family brought us to while visiting.)

After getting back on the trail Tuesday, Brendan (one of Ice's friends from his home town), came out and hiked with me for the day. We started hiking and talking about a music festival in Ghent, NY that we could work and get in for free. After only a few hours of hiking we headed out of the woods to pick up Ice and Griz and head to Ghent, NY. We spent the weekend dancing and having a good time and meeting a lot of great people behind the scenes of the festival. It was an electronica and jamband festival and we all had a tiring, but great weekend.
(This is a picture of the band RAQ...they played a double set and rocked it for almost 3-4 hours!!)

So I'm leaving Bennington this afternoon and plan to head up to connect onto the Long Trail. (The Long Trail was the original part of the AT and we stay on this trail for most of Vermont.) Although there will still be white blazes, we will be Long Trailing it for a couple of weeks. I look forward to hooking up with old friends and perhaps meeting some new people as well.

Hope all is well at home & elsewhere and I miss you all!!

With Love,

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    You're getting there kiddo. It's hard to keep up with all of your adventures, but I'm glad you are having fun. Did I mention getting you a dress and a 9 to 5er???? Stay safe Mal. Love and miss you,, According to this update, Ice isn't handling the trail life very well. He definitely looks stressed. :)