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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sooooo Much Going On!!!

Since Duchess and I have been seperated for the last few weeks, we are doing seperate blogs! It's kind of fun to know what is coming, because she is about 100 miles ahead of me. I seperated from them a few weeks ago, because I decided to go to a Phish show with a group of about 8. We had a blast and then I slowed down for everyone to catch me. (Everyone being about 10-12 people that I have been hiking with that are just too damn cool to leave behind.)

After the Phish show I continued hiking with some really great people and just been hiking our little hearts out. I hiked pretty slowly so that everyone behind me could catch up, and I had a great few days to myself and enjoyed the some quiet time.

(Here's a pic of the crew that I got halfway done with!!)

Pennsylvania has been alright to me, although I believe Duchess has been having a better time with everything....I can definately tell that the southern hospitality is no more, and that I am definately missing that. We DID get to the half way point, and I am happy to say we had a great 4th of July at the Lake and we got to "Yogi" some burgers and hot dogs from a very gracious family.

Sorry not much, but more to come....this computer is tooooo slow for much updating. Hope all is well!!! Love you all.

Not Bad

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