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Friday, May 21, 2010

Hello from Woods Hole Hostel

FIRST OFF...600 miles down!!!

While Duchess is driving back to be with me and the rest of the crew on the trail, I'd figure I would update everyone while she has been away. When we went home to Indiana to get Duchess on her flight, we picked up another hiker; Lucy Diamond. Pictures are to come soon, but she is doing great and loving it out on the trail.

Trail Days happened last weekend, which is a three day festival for all past and present thru-hikers. We were greeted with water balloons and guns while walking down the streets of Damascus, VA during the parade, traded and got new gear from all the vendors and danced out hearts out around the drum circle every night...also, more pictures to come!!

Since Trail Days it has just been Boss, Lucy and I hiking to meet everyone up in Pearisburg, VA. We will be picking up Duchess along with Grace and Kristine....this will all be easier when they receive trail names as well. Although we have had some bad weather, the last few days have been beautiful and Virginia has been great to us thus far! Lucy is yet to ruin anything of mine with her wet paws, but only time will allow that to happen.

More updates to come when everyone is back on the trail!!

With love,
Not Bad & Lucy Diamond.


  1. Holy cow...600 miles! You guys must have your roller skates on!

  2. You guys are doing great! Looking forward to the next post!