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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shin Splints, Rainy Days & Erwin, TN

So we have made it 300 miles and are feeling good. Both Duchess & I (Not Bad) have been having some shin splint problems but nothing too major. We have also been facing some more rainy days. We have had 2 days of rain now, and headed back into the mountains today where tonight we are expecting thunder storms. We knew it was going to come sooner or later so we might as well face the challenge!!

We are a little over 300 miles and less than 200 from finishing 3 of our 14 states!! The next town/area we are shooting for is Roan Mountain. Last night we spent the evening at Uncle Johnnys' hostel in Erwin, TN where we resupplied, got some good Mexican food, and met up with some friends who had a been a day or so behind us. (And sorry Bman, no Erwin Burrito...couldn't find it.)

In just a few weeks Duchess will be jumping off the trail to head to Mexico with Bryan for a week and after that Spencer is going to be coming out & hopefully with Lucy! I am going to miss Duchess but will hike on without her and she will meet me at the right place! In other news, we recently found out that we can aqua blaze the Shenandoah Mountains (aqua blaze means we would canoe the 7 days out of the mountains)...and that is something we are now considering to do because it sounds like an amazing experience.

Anywho, we are heading out today and will be at Roan Mountain hopefully in 4 days (48ish miles)...if we don't update then, there will be a new post in Damascus, VA. Hope everyone at home is doing well and we look forward to reading more comments!!

with love,
not bad & duchess


  1. You guys are doing so good! So proud! Shin splints don't sound like fun- make sure to RICE them whenever you get a chance (Rest- Ice- Compressions- Elevation)- see college is helpful. It also excites me that you are able to take little detours to such places that sell mexican food, burgers (not burritos) as big as your head, and the all around American favorite- beer. You both are doing really good and I LOVE reading up on the adventures and the pictures are great. (ps totally know what you mean by how the camera can't capture the amazingness of the views you are seeing) Keep it up Dutch Don't Touch and Never-Neverland! Miss you guys and love you both!!
    OH and totally wanted to make my own little Mal and Jess go to Maine Blog Name but the instructions keep coming up in Indonesian and you know I can only speak English so I guess Malia will have to do.
    peace out homies

  2. What is all this Duchess and Not Bad? You guys are full on tree people...

  3. Hi gals! So nice to read the updates. Glad you are moving along at a pretty steady pace. Sorry to hear about your shin splints though.:(. I hope your weather gets nicer real soon. It's nasty here! Rain & too darned cool for me, but whatcha gonna do. It'll warm up eventually. Stay safe, have fun and update, update, update! Love you lots, MOMMA

  4. Hey! I'm getting more and more excited to come meet you both! I've started gathering my gear (which only adds to the excitementi may add--and now I can fully appreciate you guys going on and on about 4 oz this and 7 oz that) Anyways, Jess, when are you planning on getting back from Mehico and heading back to the trail? I'll be ready for ya!

  5. Hey Jess!
    Loved looking at all the pictures you posted on facebook! I've been thinking about you as we have been experiencing all of these storms. Actually, you would be "experiencing" the storms = I'm just sitting in my house! :-)
    Nana and I will be seeing Grace, Michael and your mom this weekend in Bloomington for graduation. Hope your ears will be burning; we will be talking about you!
    Just remember those famous words of Dr. Seuss: "Left foot, left foot, right foot, right" That should get you to Maine in no time!
    Love - Aunt Jen